Cloth Diaper Myths and Facts

Myth: Cloth diapers have a huge start-up cost
Fact: Cloth diapers can cost less than $40 (one month of disposable diapers), especially if you use items you already have or can get for cheap or free. Of course, there are expensive cloth diaper options, but our goal is to help people cloth for nearly no start up cost.

Myth: You need easy access to a washer/dryer to use cloth diapers.
Fact: Having a washer/dryer does make things easier! But people were using cloth diapers on their babies far before washing machines were invented. They were also using cloth diapers before disposable diapers were invented. Flat diapers are one layer of fabric that come very clean easily.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

WIC Inservice

We are so excited to be doing a WIC inservice on August 13th!  This inservice is what really has inspired this whole cloth-diaper-bank idea.  We will be giving a presentation on Cloth Diapering for Low Income Families (with or without washing facilities) to 70 nutritionists/lactation consultants who can help 20,000 people in the Salt Lake area!  How exciting!  We hope to be able to help at least some of them ease the burden of diaper cost!

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