Cloth Diaper Myths and Facts

Myth: Cloth diapers have a huge start-up cost
Fact: Cloth diapers can cost less than $40 (one month of disposable diapers), especially if you use items you already have or can get for cheap or free. Of course, there are expensive cloth diaper options, but our goal is to help people cloth for nearly no start up cost.

Myth: You need easy access to a washer/dryer to use cloth diapers.
Fact: Having a washer/dryer does make things easier! But people were using cloth diapers on their babies far before washing machines were invented. They were also using cloth diapers before disposable diapers were invented. Flat diapers are one layer of fabric that come very clean easily.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Diaper count!!

In my mind, I had estimated I had enough diapers to diaper 2-3 babies.  Well, I got them all out this morning and took inventory.  I have enough diapers to help 8 babies stay dry, clean, and happy without costing their parents $.20 per change.  How exciting!  I have lots of flats for the family that needs to handwash, plenty of covers, and even one newborn kit (but I could use some more newborn covers, so if you need to offload any, or if you want to make some for me, see the post below!)

Once they are all sanitized, I will be separating them into kits and start working on spreading the word.  If you know a family in need, please send them my way, I would love to start helping people who are stressed about buying diapers :)
Around 175 diapers and 43 covers.  This is thanks to some generous moms who donated, Osocozy, Bumbledoo, and Snappi!

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