Cloth Diaper Myths and Facts

Myth: Cloth diapers have a huge start-up cost
Fact: Cloth diapers can cost less than $40 (one month of disposable diapers), especially if you use items you already have or can get for cheap or free. Of course, there are expensive cloth diaper options, but our goal is to help people cloth for nearly no start up cost.

Myth: You need easy access to a washer/dryer to use cloth diapers.
Fact: Having a washer/dryer does make things easier! But people were using cloth diapers on their babies far before washing machines were invented. They were also using cloth diapers before disposable diapers were invented. Flat diapers are one layer of fabric that come very clean easily.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Getting ready for the Great Cloth Diaper Change!  Here's a chance to win an awesome breastfeeding awareness diaper, made by yours truly!  (You can choose a design with pink/purple or without, will not be the diaper pictured.)  My diapers are not as perfect as the factory made ones, but they are made with love!  Proceeds from purchased diapers go 100% into funding the cloth diaper initiative!  Plus I will replace the elastic and snaps for up to 5 years because I love you guys :)


  1. I breastfed for 18 months with my first, planning 2 years with my second :)

  2. I breastfed my first son until he was 2 years old and my youngest is currently 4 months and we'll probably go about the same length of time!

  3. I am breastfeeding my latest going on a year.. but will probably fee for at least another couple of months

  4. Breastfed #1 13 months, #2 15 months, #3 17 months and currently still nursing 13 month old #4.

  5. with DS it was only 5 months, with my twin girls we are going strong at 7 months!! The goal is to make it a full year with these girlies

  6. #1 only 3 months. #2 15 months. #3 13 months plus pumped milk for a year after. #4 is 14 months and still nursing.