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Cloth Diaper Initiative Welcomes You

Make a Difference Today

Providing cloth diapers and information to families in need within the Salt Lake Valley.

Why Cloth Diapers?

Diapers that never run out

Families in the lower income brackets can spend up to 13.9% of their post-tax income on diapers (National Diaper Bank).  This can cause severe financial strain on the family and force them to make choices between clean diapers and food, clothing, or other necessities.  Diaper costs cannot be subsidized by government assistance programs (such as WIC or SNAP).  This is why it is so important to connect these families to resources that can help.  Disposable diapers run out, and they run out often, and disposable diaper banks don't always have the size needed for every family that comes in.  

Cloth Diaper Initiative provides a kit of reusable cloth diapers to any family that asks for them.  We do not require proof of income to assist.  Our diaper kits are not the most fancy of the modern cloth diapers, but they absorb well and we even have options that are easily hand washed for families without access to a washing machine.  We will provide diapers and instruction on diaper use to any family who needs clean diapers!

Donate today!

Make a difference

Donate used diapers in any condition at:

Boop Baby

9304 south 700 east

Sandy, UT 

Cash donations are accepted via PayPal, and go toward purchasing items we run out of such as Snappis/pins, newborn sizes, and larger sized diapers for older kids. Donations are tax deductible as we are a 501c(3). 

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Diaper Repair

Sewing Machine

At Cloth Diaper Initiative, we take diapers in any condition, even those needing repair.  It is important to us that no diaper is thrown away if it can be used to help a family in need.  We always need volunteers to take diapers that need love and breathe new life into them.

Kit Distribution


If you have a little bit of shelf space in your home, you could help out by taking 2-3 diaper kits and being available if someone in your area needs to meet up to get a kit.  Basic knowledge of cloth diapers, cloth diaper care, and especially the use of flats and prefolds is required.

Start a CDI Chapter


If you live outside the Salt Lake and Utah Valley areas, consider becoming a new CDI Chapter.  We will set up up with several kits to start off with and give you ideas for gathering donations and hosting diaper drives, as well as guide you toward finding families in need in your area.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

John Holmes

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