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Cloth diaper kits generally include the following, depending on availability.

  • 15 diapers (Prefolds/flats, all in ones, all in two inserts, fitteds, whatever is available)

  • 4 covers (or pocket diapers to be used as covers)

  • Pins or a Snappi (If available).

  • Cloth Wipes available upon request

  • Newborn kits include 3-5 additional diapers and 2 additional covers

Kits are given based on what we have available, we try to keep everything available at all times and we give prefolds and pockets kits first if we have them. Kits are available at no cost to rent, but donations are appreciated at the time or kit rental or return. Please make sure to return the diapers when you are finished with them so they can help another family who needs them. 

In order to rent a kit, please go to Boop Baby in Sandy during business hours (10-6 most days except Sunday and 10-8 on Tuesday). You may want to call them (801-432-8564) to make sure there's a kit available in the size you need. If there is not, you can e-mail us and we will get the kit you need to Boop ASAP. Unfortunately, due to my life circumstances changing, I am no longer able to orchestrate drop offs and pick ups elsewhere. If you are in Utah or Davis county, you can reach out and I can connect you to one of my volunteers that has kits out in those areas.

If you need more than one kit, please call or contact me  to make sure the kits you need are at Boop Baby. It may take a couple of days for me to get them there.

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