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By agreeing to these terms, you agree to the following:

1. Cloth Diaper Initiative (CDI) is not responsible for sanitizing diapers prior to rental. Diapers are rented out clean, but sanitizing is your responsibility and is strongly recommended when using any used diapers.


We recommend a proper dilution of bleach (see the bleach bottle for instructions) More concentrated bleach can damage diapers, so follow disinfecting instructions carefully.

2. These diapers are provided free of charge as a service. Diaper types and brands are not guaranteed, checked for CPSA compliance or inspected beyond functionality. 

3. Microfiber should never be used against baby's skin. All microfiber provided should be stuffed into pocket diapers only. 

4. CDI is always happy to help answer questions regarding the use/care of cloth diapers as well as replace any diapers that are not functional. Please contact us for help or replacements.

5. While CDI will do its best to rent out specific colors to boys and girls, color selection is based on what is available and not guaranteed.

6. While CDI occasionally gets more expensive brand donations, what goes into each kit is different, based on availability, and not guaranteed to be a specific type or brand of diaper.

7. I agree to return my diaper kit to CDI when I am done using it (I will not give away or sell these diapers.) I will contact for returns or bring them back to Boop Baby in Sandy.

8. I agree to hold CDI harmless in any use or misuse of this diaper kit and agree to use and wash the diapers correctly and as advised and using common sense to the best of my ability. 

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